Disaster Awareness Tips You Should Know Before Any Calamity Strikes



Over the past decade, it has been recorded that natural disasters are responsible for claiming the lives of approximately 45,000 people every year. This means that 0.1% of global deaths are due to typhoons, flash floods, earthquakes, and so on.

Although this percentage looks small, it is undeniable that unforeseen calamities have a big impact on how we live daily. Some people even include checking the news for looming typhoons in their everyday routine, while others take extra precautions by making sure their automatic emergency lights are working in case of blackouts.

Furthermore, the government designated special departments to track weather changes or conduct seismological observations for the safety of the whole country. With these efforts from the authorities and the preparedness of the people, many lives can actually be saved.

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Assemble a Disaster Supply Kit

It is comforting to know that our government is doing something to prevent or at least detect disasters. However, as individuals, we must also have the initiative to prepare for emergency situations so that we can help ourselves when rescue operations are delayed.

This is why you must assemble a disaster supply kit that contains the following:


According to a scientific experiment, a human can only live up to two to four days without water because the body has no ability to make up for the lack of hydration. Within hours of water deprivation, people may start to feel dizziness and extreme thirst. When not resolved immediately, dehydration is fatal, especially if you are in a humid or hot place.

It is best to prepare a gallon of water per person, per day. This way, you can ensure that you’ll stay hydrated during disasters where water supplies could get cut off or contaminated. For easy access, it is also recommended to store your emergency water near rechargeable emergency lights, which you can buy at an affordable price in the Philippines. By doing this, you won’t waste time searching for the most important addition to your survival kit.


A human can survive without eating any food for weeks. However, this depends on two things: the environment they are in and how fit or healthy they are.

The environment plays a big role because people who are stuck in places with extreme climates, such as hotter and colder areas than usual, may need to burn more fat to gain energy. In addition, people with leaner bodies are more prone to starvation as they do not have a lot of reserve fat.

Adding three days’ worth of supply of non-perishable and easy to prepare food to your emergency kit is a must to survive.


Having ample illumination during disasters will help you survive as it allows you to navigate your way to safety, easily dodging obstructions like fallen trees or debris on the way.

This is why preparing a battery-operated flashlight is important. You can easily carry it while walking, brightening every pathway. For additional backup illumination, you can also invest in fair-priced rechargeable emergency lights that can be bought from reliable suppliers in the Philippines.


People can get injured or sick during disasters. Stay prepared by adding common medicines to your kit, such as antihistamines, cough, cold, and anti-diarrhea medications. If you have prescribed medicines, be sure to add them as well.


When super typhoons strike, signals and electricity are usually cut off. To stay updated, you can listen to news and rescue operation updates using a radio. Some people also get anxiety and panic attacks during emergencies. A radio can be used as a distraction, so you can be preoccupied while waiting for help.

Locate Safe Spaces in Your Home or Office

Before a disaster strikes, you must create a clear plan with your family or co-workers. This includes locating safe places to stay and assigning spots where you can wait for each other during disasters.

Moreover, after buying the best emergency lights in the Philippines, you should strategically place them around your home or office as they can be everyone’s guide during emergencies.

Determine Ideal Evacuation Routes

Being clueless about where to go during emergencies is the number one reason people panic. Preparedness is always the key to survival. Hence, before typhoons or earthquakes strike, you must know the ideal evacuation routes by heart.

Memorize the Layout of Your Area

Building owners usually post a framed layout on every floor of an establishment, and it is commonly located near fire exits or just under automatic emergency lights. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the exit routes so you can leave the building quickly and safely.

Follow the Emergency Light Fixtures

Facility managers in the Philippines install rechargeable emergency lights, which they buy at an affordable price, for a reason. These lights serve as a pathway guide during blackouts. When people are trapped inside a pitch-black building, they can follow the emergency lights to avoid getting lost.

Remember Not To Push or Crowd

We all know that everyone’s goal during a disaster is to quickly go to evacuation areas or any safe place. However, since people are in an alert mode, some tend to push or crowd others. Remember that this will only aggravate others and stop you all from exiting areas quickly. It is best to keep calm and patiently wait for those in front of you to move.


As much as we don’t want to be in emergency situations, these events are unavoidable. All we can do is be prepared by assembling our emergency kits containing food, water, and medicines. Moreover, installing rechargeable emergency lights inside homes and buildings is also a great way to ensure everyone’s safety during evacuation.

For quality and reasonably priced rechargeable emergency lights in the Philippines, turn to Ecoshift Corporation. Feel free to contact our team of experts if you have questions about our products and services.


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