Visual Appeal and More: The Benefits of Installing Bollard Lights

Visual Appeal and More: The Benefits of Installing Bollard Lights


There are quite a lot of outdoor lighting fixtures to choose from if you plan to illuminate the exterior of your property. Bollard lights are among the options that are steadily rising in popularity because they can almost instantly improve the appearance of the façade of a building or home.

One good thing about these fixtures is that bollard light prices are not too high. This is especially true if you buy them from a trusted retailer or supplier, like Ecoshift Corporation. Feel free to get in touch with our team today for more information on how to purchase bollard lights from us.

Aesthetic Appeal of LED Bollard Lights

Bollard lights are becoming more and more popular these days because of their visual appeal. When switched on, they emit soft rays perfect for creating a welcoming ambiance. Because of this, they are usually installed in gardens, front yards, driveways, and other locations near the entrance or the façade of the building.

In some cases, they are also used to highlight specific features of a property, such as tiny sculptures, stepping stones, or pool areas. The soft lights they give are enough to emphasize such structures, especially at night.

Other Benefits of Installing Bollard Lights

Installing bollard lights have many benefits apart from improving the aesthetic appeal of your property, especially at night. Here are some of the other advantages you can get from mounting these fixtures in your garden or front lawn:

Provides Ample Illumination

You want the exterior of your property to be visible at night, and one way to do that is by setting up the right kinds of lights in the most strategic locations. Right now, there are many types of luminaires to choose from, including bollard lights.

Although small, these fixtures can provide enough illumination for the entire property, especially if installed in the right places. You can choose different specs for the LED products you are buying. Typically, the options that emit the brightest lights also consume the most electric power when switched on, so be sure to consider this factor.

Improves Security in the Area

Like any other kind of lighting fixture designed for outdoor use, LED bollard lights can also help boost safety in an area. For starters, those who walk or drive will get to see where they’re going, so there’s a lower chance for accidents or collisions to happen.

These fixtures can improve security in the entire place, as well. In most cases, those who wish to make mischief will think twice about committing a crime if there is enough illumination in the area since there is a higher chance of getting captured while doing the act. And even if there is no one around to catch them red-handed, the cameras installed in the area might still capture their face.

Helps Reduce Light Pollution

Light pollution is a serious environmental issue. Installing too many bright lights has a detrimental effect on the wildlife in an area. The wake-and-sleep habits of some animals are being affected, leading to severe problems. Birds, guided by the moonlight at night, get confused with directions and get lost.

This is why it’s good that bollard lights do not contribute much to this problem. These fixtures are typically small, so their glow does not necessarily significantly affect animals. Also, their beams are usually pointed downwards, so the light doesn’t scatter and misguide birds and other creatures.

Long Life Span

Just like any LED product, bollard lights are designed to be durable and long-lasting. LED-powered fixtures can remain functional for up to 50,000 hours, equivalent to almost five or six years.

This means that LED bollard lights are an excellent investment. If properly maintained, they will last for quite a while, and you won’t have to buy any replacement for them in the near future.

Conserves Electric Power

LED bollard lights, along with other LED-powered products, are known to help users save much energy. They do not emit too much heat, so much of the power they consume is used to light up the bulb.

It might be true that LED products typically come at a higher upfront cost. However, considering they don’t consume too much energy, they will surely help you save on your electric bills in the long run.

Buy Bollard Lights at Their Best Price

You can enjoy many benefits if you install bollard lights on your property. However, it is still best to purchase these fixtures from the most reliable suppliers because they typically offer durable and long-lasting items. Also, buying from trusted lighting stores helps ensure you get your fixtures at their best prices.

Ecoshift Corporation is here to provide you with bollard lights if you need them for your project. We are a reputable lighting company in the Philippines, and we always aim to satisfy the needs of our customers. Rest assured that we only offer high-quality fixtures made of the finest materials that will last a long time. Feel free to contact our team today to learn about the prices of the bollard lights and other products we sell.


Installing outdoor bollard lights can make your property look better, especially at night. However, it is also true that these fixtures offer more than just their looks; they also have other benefits, such as keeping your perimeter safe and preventing people from getting into accidents.

One thing to remember, though, when buying bollard lights is that you should get them from reliable sources. Make your purchase here at Ecoshift Corporation. We are your trusted lighting store in the Philippines, and we offer bollard lights at their best prices.

If you want to learn more about our products, do not hesitate to message or call us. Our friendly staff members will be more than happy to answer your queries and assist you in placing an order for any of the items we sell.


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