What Bollard Lights Are and Why You Need Them: A Comprehensive Guide

What Bollard Lights Are and Why You Need Them: A Comprehensive Guide


Many issues can happen once the sun sets and our surroundings become dark. Fatal crashes or accidents can go down on highways or roads that do not have street lights. Meanwhile, falling or slipping accidents can occur in compounds or residential areas without pathway or driveway lights.

Given this, it is time to switch our focus to investing in quality outdoor lights like LED bollard lights. Outdoor lighting is such a vital part of keeping communities well-lit, safe, and pleasing to the eyes. Installing just a few by your gates, driveways, gardens, and streets can add to securing the areas.

So, if you are still skeptical about investing in outdoor lights, Ecoshift Corporation, a trusted seller of LED bollard lights in the Philippines, is here to educate you and explain what they are, their uses, types, and other important things that you should know when using them. Read on and order from us after!

What Are Bollard Lights?

Bollard lights are a type of lighting fixture typically used to illuminate pathways and landscapes for pedestrian use and safety. They are great outdoor lighting solutions, especially for establishments and residential areas.

Instead of finding your way in the dark at night while risking yourself from falling or having tripping accidents, you can turn them on and have your own illuminated guide that will illuminate your surroundings. Sometimes, they are also used in driveways as barriers that keep cars where they should be.

These pathway lights can come in different sizes and shapes. However, the most common ones are round or square post-style fixtures two to four feet high that project light horizontally or downward. Solar bollard lights are also energy-efficient and cost-effective as they do not need electricity to function.

Overall, LED bollard lights in the Philippines have many functions that can help secure and elevate your surroundings.

Different Types of Bollard Light Posts

Bollard light prices differ depending on their types. Here at Ecoshift Corporation, we make sure that our customers can choose from a wide range of products, no matter their budget. We have combined upscale designs, top-tier quality, versatile functionality, and energy efficiency to bring the best bollard lights that can be used to elevate your landscape, secure your surroundings, and light pathways during the night.

The first type of bollard light is the louver. This type’s lights point downwards, and the bulb cannot be seen from the outside. This fixture lets you stylishly light paths, landscape areas, and property fronts. The second type of bollard light is the standard cone reflector. This illuminates 360,° lighting everything around it. If you like maximum security and illumination at night around your property, then this type is for you.

Now, the third type of bollard light is the specialized cone reflector. This is the best fixture for LED lights as they reflect the light downwards and out, minimizing glare and light pollution. If you are lighting a large property, we recommend using this to decrease the harmful effects of the lights on nature and wildlife.

Finally, the last type of bollard light is the type V glass reflector. This style creates a more intense 360° shine, making it best if you are trying to use fewer fixtures around your property. Keep in mind that all four of these types may come in different sizes and shapes. Moreover, Ecoshift offers them in neutral colors like white, black, and gray.

Benefits of Installing Bollard Lights

Indeed, many types of outdoor lighting products can give you illumination at night. Despite the high competition, we recommend using LED bollard lights for a few reasons.

First, LED bollard lights require almost zero maintenance. That’s right. If you cannot commit to maintaining a fixture, this is the perfect choice for you. The mechanism inside bollard lights allows them to function accurately without manual or mechanical maintenance. Moreover, most of our products have an IP67 rating, making them weatherproof and dustproof.

Second, LED bollard lights can generate brighter illumination than other light fixtures in just a matter of seconds. They produce intense rays of light at low temperatures, which is not supported by other light sources.

Lastly, LED bollard lights are environmentally friendly. Ecoshift offers solar-powered bollards that do not need electricity to function. In addition, this type automatically turns off during the day to recharge their batteries using their panels and the sunlight, decreasing light pollution.

Where Can You Use Bollard Lights

As mentioned above, bollard lights can have more than one function, and it depends on the user where and how they will use them.

Bollard lights can be installed to illuminate surroundings. So, you can place them in pathways leading to entrances or exits in your property or driveways so that drivers can be guided even when it’s dark. Moreover, they can be installed on the street and serve as indicators where pedestrians can walk or cross.

Next, you can also use bollard lights in your garden. They can elevate your landscape, creating accents when combined with beautiful plants and flowers. In addition, they can be placed near water features like fountains or ponds to highlight these focal points.

What You Need To Install Bollard Lights

You need to prepare a few things to successfully fill your property with the right amount of bollard lights. First, you need a power supply because your bollard lights will not function without one. They are powered by electric wires buried underground and installed by certified electricians.

Meanwhile, if you use solar bollard lights, you will not need a power supply. You must install the panels properly and place them in strategic spots where the sunlight usually hits.

Second, you have to learn about the different heights of bollard lights. You can use taller models to cover a wider space and need fewer fixtures. However, if you want to use lower bollard posts, you might need more fixtures, as they can only illuminate space closer to them.

Third, you must know the recommended spacing for bollard lights. The minimum spacing for hospitals, offices, and walkways is 2.4m. For urban parks, your bollard lights should have 4.6m spaces in between. In contrast, at least 9m of space should be between bollard posts for gardens and parks.

Lastly, you should purchase durable and premium bollard lights from trusted LED bollard lights sellers in the Philippines. Given that these will be facing different kinds of weather, temperatures, and debris, their materials should be able to resist corrosion and impact.

Purchase LED Bollard Lights From Ecoshift Philippines Today

Ecoshift Corporation is a known lighting supplier in the country. We have partnered and worked with various organizations, companies, and individuals to make their lighting projects come to life. From illuminating streets and roads to brightening buildings and houses, you can guarantee our products will not fail you.

So, if you need LED bollard lights, you know who to call! We have many types of fixtures differing in heights, shapes, colors, and functions, and all are ready to be delivered once you choose to order from us.

FAQs About Bollard Lights

How Long Do Bollard Lights Last?

Regular bollard lights have a lifespan of 50,000 burning hours, which can last you for years, depending on how often you turn them on. Meanwhile, solar-powered bollards’ batteries can last five to ten years if installed and operated properly.

How Many Bollard Lights Do You Need?

The number of bollard lights you need depends on the size of the space where you will install them. Bollard lights must be 2.5 to 4 meters apart to provide uniform lighting without glare. Measure your total space and calculate how many you should buy by placing one every 2.5 meters.

What Do Bollard Post Colors Indicate?

Specific bollard posts are colored to improve safety. Yellow bollards indicate caution, red bollards indicate stop or fire-related hazards, and orange bollards signal that there is dangerous equipment or machinery in the area. Meanwhile, blue bollards are used for informational signages and green bollards indicate a safe area. Lastly, black and white bollards are used as guiding directions for pedestrians.


Are you ready to install bollard lights around your property? Buy ones that can withstand any weather, temperature, and debris so you can make the most of your money and have surroundings that are safe and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, especially at night.

Order now from Ecoshift Corporation! For inquiries about our products, services, and other offerings, do not hesitate to contact our team. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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