Bollard Post Lights: Helping Homeowners Improve Safety and Security Every Day

Bollard Post Lights: Helping Homeowners Improve Safety and Security Every Day


Most people stay at their homes for at least half of the day. This is why it is vital to keep this place secure from any threats that may disrupt the peace we feel inside our houses.

Many factors and hazards have pushed homeowners to improve safety around their houses. For instance, they may have experienced accidents like tripping or falling due to reduced or zero illumination at night. This is dangerous as people can get seriously injured if they hit or fall on certain parts of their bodies when tripping in the dark.

To improve safety and security, many homeowners have invested in quality and durable lighting products like bollard post lights. By installing them along pathways, entrances, exits, driveways, and gardens, they can ensure that an area will have enough illumination at night to help people see where they are going.

If you haven’t purchased these lighting fixtures, turn to Ecoshift Corporation. We offer various kinds of bollard lights that can brighten your pathways and serve as stylish additions to your landscapes, gardens, and yards. With our products, you can reduce the risks of accidents at night.

The Connection Between Lighting and Safety

When we think of adding security to our homes, we automatically have ideas of safety-proofing sharp corners and increasing the lights inside the living room. However, many are unaware they should focus more on their outdoor lighting.

Professionals have said that crimes are reduced by about seven percent with well-lit surroundings. With walkway bollard lights installed approximately two to four meters across your property, there will be enough illumination to guide anyone walking at night.

Overall, having luminaires can stop people from committing crimes at night. If robbers see the lights on, they might think twice before breaking in since this indicates that someone may be on the property or that devices are installed to monitor the premises constantly.

How Bollard Post Lights Can Help You

Bollard light fixtures can bring any outdoor space to life, helping homeowners elevate how their property looks and increase safety for their family members. Here’s how:

Increased Security

With bright illumination at night, CCTV camera systems can capture movements clearly. Given this, it will be harder for criminals to commit heinous acts as they know they will be recorded and apprehended quickly when they do so. Therefore, they will not even attempt to do such in neighborhoods with sufficient illumination at night.

Brighter Surroundings

Everything is just better when there is enough illumination to brighten the surroundings. You can enjoy staying in your yard or garden even at night, as bollard LED fixtures can light wider spaces. When the sun sets, you can still bond with your family under the stars and not worry about tripping or falling since every corner of your garden will be illuminated.

Higher Property Value

Increased lighting and placing stylish lighting fixtures can elevate the property value of your home. Bollard lights improve landscapes by highlighting the plants and flowers without taking attention away from them.

Moreover, water features such as fountains or ponds can look much better when illuminated at night with these products. Given this, your home will have better focal points when the bollard lights are turned on at night instead of having a dark yard that no one can enjoy looking at.

Decreased Number of Accidents

Of course, homeowners’ number one priority is their family members’ safety. No one wants to come home to dark pathways where you’ll have difficulty navigating your way inside. Worse, you can fall when no one is around to help you.

With bollard lights, your surroundings will be supplied with sufficient light that will serve as your guide when walking at night. They can also be installed in driveways so that you can see if there is debris that can cause accidents when you are driving or parking your car.

Where Should You Install Your Outdoor Bollard Lights?

Ecoshift Corporation is here to help install the quality bollard lights you have purchased from our shop. Certain areas inside your property need more light than others. Here are some of them:

Dark Areas

Dark areas like spots under tall trees or plants, hidden corners, and places with high walls or fences should be illuminated at night. Bollard lights with specialized cone reflectors can brighten these by shining light downwards and out.


Walkways should be illuminated as many people rely on these to enter and exit your property safely. With luminaires installed, guests can easily find their way to your front door without getting lost.


Driveways should never be left unlit, especially at night. Driving your car into the fence, wall, or another car can cause much damage to your vehicle and the one driving it. This is why it is better to install bollard lights to guide drivers where they should park.


Crossing streets at night can be dangerous when no lights illuminate the way. Drivers may not see you, and you may not see cars coming your way. Homeowners should install bollard lights near their gates, especially if they live near main roads where cars usually pass by.

Illuminate Your Surroundings With Quality Bollard Post Lights

If illuminating pathways, driveways, gardens, and yards is not your priority, then you should think again. Increasing the number of bollard post lights in your area can benefit you more than you can think of. Aside from making your place pleasing to the eyes, they help make it safer during the night.

If you want to start your lighting project, you can turn to Ecoshift Corporation for quality, weatherproof, and dustproof bollard lights. We have regular kinds powered by electricity and solar-powered ones that are more eco-friendly and energy-efficient.


We should feel the safest, most comfortable, and most relaxed inside our homes. To achieve such a peaceful environment, there should be no accidents and criminals lurking or waiting to attack when the dark comes.

Install bollard lights now and improve the safety and security inside your humble abode. Ecoshift Corporation is ready to supply you with superior quality lights and lighting fixtures that are aesthetic, highly functional, and energy-efficient. Our products will even last for years when used and maintained properly.

For inquiries about our offerings, simply contact our team of experts.


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