Turn Back the Clock: How To Give Your Garden the Vintage Makeover

Turn Back the Clock: How To Give Your Garden the Vintage Makeover



Vintage street light posts in the Philippines can replace old ones that have been hit by the effects of time. Whether you want to change the LED products in your garden because of rust or a renovation project, you will surely find many modern-day classics to help you achieve the specific look you want.

At Ecoshift Corporation, we offer various LED street lamp posts that can help give your garden a refreshing makeover. Our team will first consult with you regarding the aesthetic you want to achieve before helping you determine which model specifications would be ideal for your space. When working with us, you can trust that we will help you create outdoor areas that are functional yet beautiful.

Why Vintage Gardens Are Popular

Vintage interior and exterior design can be summed as using furniture and decor from previous generations to create a pre-contemporary home. Many people in the current age are especially fond of this look due to the fact that the 60s, 70s, and 80s were considered the most influential eras in terms of music, fashion, and style.

In particular, the exterior design of your property is critical as it sets the tone for what people can expect once they enter your home or building. It can make a strong statement about your personality or convey a specific message to any visitor or guest. Aside from outdoor furniture, however, one of the things that can help you achieve the look you want is lighting.

Outdoor lighting plays a significant role in maintaining the aesthetics of your property, but it should also be functional. Like indoor illumination, LED products can direct traffic, brighten pathways, and accentuate features.

Ultimately, you just need to make sure that your street light posts in the Philippines are as functional as they are aesthetic. Your luminaires should cast shadows that add drama to surfaces that don’t usually stand out, but they should also be bright enough for people to navigate the area easily.

Tips To Follow When Creating a Vintage Garden

If you’re not sure where to start in creating a vintage garden in the Philippines, here are a few things you can keep in mind:

Tip #1: Use Antique-Looking Pots and Fixtures

First off, keep an eye out for antique-looking pots and fixtures on the market. Unglazed pots, in particular, are a great option because they absorb water from soggy soil. This is especially beneficial for plant owners in the Philippines as it means your flowers or shrubs will be less likely to wilt due to high temperatures and a lack of hydration.

However, if you spot a glazed pot that you think would look great in your garden, you don’t need to second guess your purchase if it’s within your budget and is large enough to house your plant. Just make sure that the item you plan to get has a drainage hole to avoid root rot.

Tip #2: Grow “Old-Fashioned” Plants and Flowers

The trend toward more modern garden designs has left many wondering if they should give up on traditional plant varieties and flowers. The answer is a resounding no. If you’re looking for plants that will help you create the vintage garden of your dreams, look no further than old-fashioned favorites that are hardy and easy to grow.

If the climate in your area permits, consider growing hydrangeas, sweet peas, and sunflowers. These blooms can help you create the vintage garden of your dreams. Plus, you don’t have to worry about them dying before they fully bloom because they’re perfect for even the busiest of people who don’t have green thumbs.

Tip #3: Add a Wagon Somewhere

Whether you have an antique wooden cart or a modern steel wheelbarrow, there are many ways to incorporate wagons into your outdoor space. You can add them as a focal point in the middle of your garden, use them as planters, or place them alongside walkways or pathways for an extra element of interest.

Wagons even make great storage solutions! You can use them to store gardening tools and equipment out of sight, but ensure they are easily accessible when needed. This will help keep your garden tidy and organized at all times.

Tip #4: Don’t Forget the Illumination at Night

Illumination is one of the most essential features of a garden. If you want to create an authentic, vintage look, you need to make sure that your outdoor space is well-lit at night. Invest in enough fixtures to ensure that passersby have enough visibility to see all the different aspects of your area.

Although wooden lamp posts were commonly used before, we recommend investing in aluminum ones to ensure they last years. You can also create a seating area where people can relax and enjoy their surroundings. This is especially important if you have a lot of greenery in your vintage garden.

Tip #5: Install Victorian Street Lamps Along the Pathways

Aside from ensuring you have enough high-quality lights, you can also opt for LED products in a particular style. Try to look for fixtures similar to those used in the Victorian era. This will help create the right ambiance for your home and garden.

These luminaires usually have an imposing and elaborate Gothic style. However, some suppliers and manufacturers have modernized such pieces. This means that these LED products now have a touch of simplicity, which modern design is most known for.

Get Antique-Looking Lighting Fixtures From Us!

At Ecoshift Corporation, our LED street lights are made of aluminum and have a weather-resistant finish that makes them suitable for outdoor use. Our fixtures can provide you with warm or cool illumination that you can use to improve the visibility in your garden. Get in touch with us today to learn more.


Before choosing which lights to purchase, do your homework by reading reviews and researching each model’s quality and performance. The bottom line is that a cheap, low-quality light may seem like an affordable option at first, but if it falls apart after only a year or two, that bargain was anything but.

By partnering with trusted street light post suppliers in the Philippines like Ecoshift Corporation, you won’t have to worry about your fixtures failing after only a few months of use. Browse through our LED products today!


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