Buying New LED Aluminum Profiles? Here Are Some Things You Should Know First

Buying New LED Aluminum Profiles? Here Are Some Things You Should Know First



Not many people know this, but lighting. It can set the tone of the room, create an illusion of a bigger space, and even highlight certain features you want to show off.

Lights come in many forms, each with a unique purpose and effect, so it’s best to figure out what you want to achieve before making any purchases. If you’re looking for ambient or accent lights, LED strip lights are a popular and versatile option.

These lights are available in various colors, intensities, and lengths, making them a perfect choice for any space and aesthetic. However, you should note that LED strip lights are not a one-size-fits-all solution. You may purchase LED aluminum profiles to get the most out of your strip lights.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about LED aluminum profiles—from their functions and different types to common parts and tips for purchasing. By the end of this article, you should have a better grasp of why you may need to purchase LED aluminum profiles in the Philippines.

What Are LED Aluminum Profiles?

If you have searched for LED strip lights, you may have come across LED aluminum profiles as recommended add-ons. Some shops may have them listed as profiles or extrusions, so don’t get confused.

As you may have guessed, LED aluminum profiles are made of aluminum and serve as housing units for LED strip lights and other linear lighting installations. The body is shaped like a “U” and has a narrow space in the middle where you can mount your strip lights.

You should also note that no two aluminum profiles are the same. They come in different dimensions and have various diffusers, which is why you need to take note of the specifications you need before finalizing your purchases. This way, you can get the best product for your lighting project.

Why Do You Need LED Aluminum Extrusions?

Some shops market LED aluminum extrusions as add-ons, which they can be. However, they offer several benefits that make them a must-have for people looking to enhance their lighting design without sacrificing quality and longevity.

For one, LED aluminum extrusions can help you achieve a professional-looking LED installation. LED strip lights typically look more like components than actual fixtures, so fixing them onto your chosen extrusions will give your space a more polished look.

Aside from enhancing style, LED aluminum extrusions also protect your LED strip lights from the elements. LED strip lights are by no means delicate, but they are susceptible to dust, heat, and water splashes. Getting extrusions with appropriate IP ratings should be a priority if you want to install LED light strips outdoors.

Another factor that LED aluminum extrusions influence is heat dissipation. LED lights don’t generate as much heat as other lights, but they still get hot since they use energy. You can ensure that your LED strip lights stay cool and last longer by using LED aluminum extrusions.

Lastly, LED aluminum extrusions can make cleaning easy for you, unlike if you use LED strip lights on their own. As previously mentioned, they come with diffusers that distribute light evenly. These diffusers also act as barriers between your LED strip lights and the outside world, so you won’t have to worry about dust or other particles getting in.

Different Types of Aluminum Profiles for LED Strip Lighting

There are several types of LED strip light channels on the market, each with unique advantages and applications. One example is the recessed LED strip profile, the go-to model for LED strip lights you want to be built into the wall. This profile is sleek and discreet, which makes it an excellent choice for most home aesthetics.

If you’re looking for LED strip profiles that will allow you to install lights on the floor, you should buy a walkover aluminum profile for LED strip lighting. This profile has a fluted design that allows LED lights to pass through while protecting against physical impact.

Another type of LED aluminum profile you may want to buy is the surface-mounted type. As its name suggests, this profile can be installed on any flat surface using brackets or screws. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a no-frills light installation.

Next is the architectural LED strip profile, a great option for individuals who enjoy experimenting with lighting design. The architectural profile is a versatile LED aluminum profile that you can use to create different lighting shapes and effects.

Finally, you have the corner-mounted LED aluminum profile, which is designed to hug the contours of your walls. This LED strip profile makes it easy to add ambient lighting in tight and awkward spaces.

Where Can You Use LED Strip Lighting Profiles?

Given the versatility and simplicity of LED aluminum profiles, they can be installed nearly anywhere, whether you’re illuminating a commercial or residential property. Take, for example, the recessed LED strip light channel, which allows you to bring light into walk-in closets without taking up floor, ceiling, or counter space. You can also use it as ambient lighting to enhance bedrooms and living rooms.

If your property is too dark at night, you can use the walkover LED strip profile to illuminate your walkways. This application is highly functional and boosts the aesthetics of your home. However, if you don’t have walkways on your property, you can turn to surface-mounted profiles to light up surrounding areas.

For kitchens with little counter space and inadequate lighting, recessed LED strip lighting profiles are also the way to go. These LED lights will brighten your work area without taking up much space.

Common Parts of an LED Strip Light Channel

Most LED channels have three primary components: the extrusion, diffuser, and end caps. The extrusion is the aluminum profile itself. It’s what gives the LED channel its shape and serves as the base for the other two components. On the other hand, the diffuser is a clear plastic cover that protects your LED lights and distributes light evenly.

LED strip light channels also have end caps, which are used to seal the extrusion and prevent water and dust from entering. End caps also give the LED channel a finished look. Some LED aluminum profiles come with pre-installed end caps, while others require you to purchase them separately.

Tips for Purchasing Aluminum Channels for LED Strip Lights

Finding the right LED aluminum profile in the Philippines may seem simple, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. If you rush the process, you risk purchasing the wrong profile type, resulting in unnecessary expenses.

With that said, the first thing you need to do is figure out what you need the LED strip lights for. This process covers function and placement, both of which will affect the length of your strip lights and the type of profile you need to get.

Let’s say you want task lighting for your workspace. You have a desk, and above it is a shelf as long as the desk’s surface. The shelf may cast a shadow on you while you’re working, so it’s best to install strip lights either under the shelf or along the desk’s edges. If you opt for the former, you can use a discreet surface-mounted LED strip profile to install your LED lights.

Once you have decided, you can look for reliable LED light suppliers. It’s wise to work with one that offers strip lights and aluminum profiles, so you don’t need to track different orders. Additionally, you want a supplier that delivers to your doorstep and provides installation services. This way, you don’t need to go through the hassle of installing the LED lights yourself.

Here at Ecoshift, we offer a wide range of LED light products, including LED bulbs, strip lights, and aluminum profiles. We prioritize our customers’ convenience, which is why we also have delivery and installation services. Give us a call if you have any questions about LED strip profiles.


LED aluminum profiles in the Philippines are a must-have for people looking to achieve more with LED strip lights. These profiles are highly versatile, with many functional and aesthetic advantages. Moreover, you can use them in residential and commercial builds, with no limitations when it comes to the outdoors.

It’s also worth noting that LED aluminum profiles come in different shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one that fits your needs and budget. Just remember to take your time when choosing an LED aluminum profile. You could also benefit from researching the best suppliers to ensure you have no trouble finding the perfect LED solution for your space.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy online shop for LED lights, look no further than Ecoshift Corporation. We are a leading supplier of LED lights and accessories, known for our quality products and excellent customer service. Our catalog features a wide range of LED strip light colors and numerous aluminum channels for LED strips. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more!


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