Top Questions To Answer Before Buying LED Panel Lights in the Philippines

Top Questions To Answer Before Buying LED Panel Lights in the Philippines


Installing LED panel lights is crucial for almost any commercial facility in the Philippines. You can see them in malls, groceries, and even some restaurants that many people frequent. In many cases, they are also used in warehouses because they can easily illuminate a large space.

Indeed, LED panel lights are a significant investment for any company. If you are a business owner who wants to buy these fixtures, reading this article will surely help. Here are a few questions to ask before making your purchase:

What Are LED Panel Lights?

Even if you do not know what LED panel lights are, you are likely to have already seen them in certain places. They are typically installed in large edifices—from private establishments like malls, condominiums, and hotels to public buildings such as hospitals, government offices, and schools.

These fixtures are characterized by their quadrilateral shape since they typically come in square and rectangle options, which makes them easy to install. In many cases, these lights are installed hidden or recessed in the ceiling, which requires making a hole that is the same size and shape as the fixture.

There are round LED panel lights, as well. However, they are not as popular as the square or rectangle options. Round fixtures are generally installed in residential homes to complement LED downlights, chandeliers, and other lighting products.

What Are the Advantages of Using These Fixtures?

LED panel lights are popular in the Philippines because they offer many benefits. Here are a few of their main advantages:

  • Durability – LED panel lights are typically made of the highest-quality materials. This means that these fixtures are not likely to get damaged easily. They will likely not get broken or shattered even when hit by blunt force.
  • Long Lifespan – Another great advantage of these fixtures is they last incredibly long. Like any LED-powered device, panel lights can maintain their optimal condition for many years, so you do not have to replace them after a few months.
  • Good for the Eyes – A lesser-known benefit of LED panel lights is they are good for the eyes. In many cases, they are installed with a translucent cover, which helps diffuse the light and prevent it from becoming too bright. Additionally, some fixtures come with dimmers, so it is easier to control the intensity of the lights’ glow.
  • Different Sizes – Although LED panel lights are typically installed in corridors and lobbies, they can still be used in other parts of the building. It is good that LED panel lights come in a wide range of sizes, making it easier for interior designers to plan out where to mount the fixtures.
  • Environmentally Friendly – LED-powered devices are known to be good for the Earth. They are manufactured without toxic materials, like mercury, and can be easily recycled once they have already burnt out.

Where Can You Use Ceiling Light Panels?

Another good thing about LED panel lights is they are incredibly versatile. They can be installed in almost any building or facility, such as the ones listed down below:

  • Shopping Malls and Grocery Stores – LED panel lights are installed on the ceilings of large retail spaces, like malls and grocery stores. These fixtures illuminate the entire area and help people navigate the area safely.
  • Hospitals – The lobbies and hallways of hospitals can be crowded at times. For this reason, installing fixtures that will illuminate the entire space is necessary. LED panel lights are perfect for the job because they can brighten a large area without having to use too many of them.
  • Hotels and Condominium Buildings – Like hospitals, the lobbies of hotels and condos are almost always crowded. LED panel lights installed on the ceilings can illuminate the entire area and make it safer for people to walk around.
  • School Buildings – LED panel lights are bright enough to illuminate classrooms to make them more conducive to learning. They can also be installed in hallways, which improves the safety of students, teachers, and other employees.
  • Office Buildings – You can also install LED panel lights in private and public offices. These fixtures are necessary to illuminate the work area and make it easier for employees to do their jobs quickly and safely.

What Affects LED Panel Light Prices?

Because of the many benefits offered by these fixtures, you can expect them to use up a considerable chunk of your project’s budget. Here are a few factors that can affect the price of LED panel lights in the Philippines:

  • Size – As with other lighting fixtures, bigger LED panel lights are usually sold at a higher price. It is understandable since they emit brighter illumination than smaller options. Additionally, more materials are used to manufacture them.
  • Shape – The shape of the fixture can also affect its price. Rectangular or square LED panel lights are in higher demand because they are much easier to install in almost any building. Round panel lights are sometimes sold at a more affordable price because they do not have that much demand.
  • Color Temperature – Some panel lights only come in a single color temperature—either warm white, natural white, or cool white. These fixtures can usually be bought at lower prices. There are also options that are more expensive because they come with three colors, letting the user choose which one they want, depending on their mood or application.
  • IP RatingIP ratings indicate whether a fixture is dustproof and waterproof. Those with higher ratings, such as IP65 or more, tend to be more expensive because they are almost completely dustproof and waterproof. If you only plan to use LED panel lights indoors, you might save a lot by purchasing ones with lower IP ratings.


When Do You Replace Panel Lights?

LED panel lights are extremely durable and long-lasting. Despite this, there will still come a time when you have to replace them. Watch out for the following signs:

  • Flickers – It goes without saying that panel lights should not be flickering. If you notice this problem, there might be issues with your wiring, so it is best to call a technician. In some cases, the lights themselves might already be faulty, so they need to be replaced immediately.
  • Dim Lights – If you notice your lights are considerably dimmer than when you first installed them, it might be a sign that they are too old. Be sure to purchase replacements quickly before the fixtures burn out completely.
  • Visible Damage – LED panel lights might be durable, but they can still get damaged if they are hit with significant external force. It is a good idea to replace them if they ever get broken or shattered because of the collision.


How Do You Find a Reliable LED Panel Light Supplier?

The best LED panel lights come from trusted brands. However, it might be hard to buy products directly from the manufacturer, so it could be better to find a reliable distributor instead. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Talk to the Staff Directly – When finding a supplier, it is best to schedule a call with the company and speak with their staff directly. This way, you can quickly discuss your requirements with them and ask any questions you may have about their products and services.
  • Read Reviews – Reading reviews from past clients might also help. It is an excellent way to gauge whether the products they offer are high-quality and if their customer service is good.
  • Buy From Ecoshift Corporation – If you do not want to waste your time finding a trustworthy LED panel light supplier, you can call us directly at Ecoshift Corporation. We have been in the business for more than a decade, so you can expect that we have the expertise to provide the products you are looking for.


Other Frequently Asked Questions About LED Panel Lights in the Philippines

If you still have questions about LED panel lights, reading this list of FAQs might help:

How Long Do LED Panel Lights Last?

The panel lights we offer here at Ecoshift Corporation are LED-powered, so they last quite a long time. A typical LED light can remain in its optimum condition for about 50,000 hours, which is equivalent to almost six years.

What Is the Major Disadvantage of LED Panel Lights?

One of the major drawbacks of choosing LED panel lights is that the initial investment can be expensive. You may need to shell out a large amount of money to purchase all the units required for your lighting project. Worry not, though, because these fixtures can help you save a lot in the long run.

Do LED Panel Lights Get Hot?

LED lights are energy-efficient because they do not emit too much heat, but they can still get hot if they are kept on for hours on end. That is why it is ideal to turn them off for a few hours, especially when they are not in use.



There are many advantages to using LED panel lights in the Philippines. They are incredibly versatile, so you can install them in almost any building. Apart from that, they are durable and long-lasting, which means they will not need any replacement for many years.

If you are looking for new LED panel lights, be sure to find a reliable supplier. Contact us today at Ecoshift Corporation to check out the products we offer. We will be more than happy to assist you!


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