Top Factors That Affect Cold Storage Lighting Fixture Prices in the Philippines

Top Factors That Affect Cold Storage Lighting Fixture Prices in the Philippines

Top Factors That Affect Cold Storage Lighting Fixture Prices in the Philippines


Lighting fixtures are crucial components of any cold storage since they make the space more accessible by providing adequate illumination. You should note, though, that these cold room lights differ from regular lighting solutions due to the standards they must adhere to.

In this article, Ecoshift Corporation will discuss the various factors that may affect the price of cold storage lighting fixtures. We are a leading supplier of LED lights with extensive experience in providing our clients with efficient and cost-effective options. Give us a call for your cold room lighting needs.

Fixture Design

Cold storage lighting fixtures are typically more straightforward compared to residential and commercial lights. However, their design still plays an integral role in the overall cost of the model.

It is crucial to consider how robust these fixtures need to be to meet cold room lighting standards. Often, they are weatherproof with anti-corrosion properties. Some lights are also explosion-proof, further increasing their fabrication costs.

Take a look at some of the flood lights we offer, for example. We have models with the same wattage and luminous flux at 150W and 15,000lm, respectively. However, only one features die-cast aluminum alloy to create an explosion-proof housing. As a result, you can expect the price of the latter to be higher than the former.

Cold room lights that don’t have proper fixtures require housing, which can also affect the product’s final price. For instance, tube lights that already meet cold room lighting standards need weatherproof or explosion-proof housing to preserve the light’s lifespan.


Another crucial consideration is the wattage of cold room lighting. It’s a popular misconception that the watts rating of a cold room light indicates its brightness.

In reality, wattage measures the energy consumption of a model. A higher wattage means it will consume more energy, affecting your electricity bill. However, you should note that brighter fixtures require a higher watts rating.

With that in mind, consider assessing your cold storage first before making a purchase. You should check the space’s area to determine the number of fixtures you need and their wattage requirements. Doing so can help you create an accurate illumination plan while saving energy and money in the long run.


Lumens, or the luminous flux, is the brightness rating of cold room lights. It tells you how much light a fixture can emit, allowing you to compare various models more effectively.

Generally, cold room lights with higher lumens ratings cost more since their components, such as LEDs, are of better quality. They also come with higher wattage, resulting in more energy consumed. Take a look at these canopy lights, for example, one with 6,000 lm and another with 14,400 lm.

If possible, map out the installation areas in your cold storage for lighting fixtures. This way, you can get a better idea if numerous cold room lights with lower luminous flux are better for the space than a few fixtures with brighter glows. You can also consult with lighting experts to help you with the process.

Special Features

Not all cold room lights are built the same. Each has unique specifications that lead to varying price tags, and there are times when those additional bells and whistles make all the difference.

For instance, some cold room lighting fixtures come with motion sensors and dimmable features. This way, you can customize the brightness settings to suit your needs while reducing energy consumption when the space is not in use.

Other options may include adjustable body angles, making cold room lights more versatile than basic models. There are also options on the market that come with a backup power supply on the off chance that your primary power source fails.

These unique features aren’t required to meet cold room light standards, but they do come in handy. Consider these additional add-ons when looking for the best cold room lights to install in your space.


The warranty policy offered by the cold room light provider shouldn’t be forgotten when shopping for fixtures. After all, these policies can help you save on repair costs in the future.

For instance, some warranties cover issues arising from manufacturing defects for a certain time. This makes it easier to replace defective parts or fixtures with minimal effort and expense on your end.

Be sure to read the fine print carefully before you make a purchase. Look for information regarding their warranty coverage and restrictions so you know what to expect when it comes to repairs down the line.

Delivery and Installation

The total price you have to pay for cold room lights may also be affected by costs incurred by deliveries and installations. It’s worth considering if the delivery costs add up to your budget and if the providers offer installation services.

For instance, some manufacturers in the Philippines offer free delivery services to clients within Metro Manila, which can help you save money if you’re purchasing cold room lights in bulk.

Installation services, on the other hand, can guarantee a safe and practical setup of your lighting fixtures. Just be sure to double-check if the provider has trained staff who can handle the job in no time.


Lastly, the brand is a major factor that affects the quality and price of cold room lights. In your search for reliable cold storage lighting fixtures, you will find some models are more cost-effective than others due to their make and features. After-sales service and warranty policies also differ among brands.

When you shop from a trusted brand like Ecoshift Corporation, you can rest easy knowing your cold room lights will last more than 50,000 hours before needing replacements. In addition, you will have access to superior warranty policies that ensure you get your money’s worth.


The price of cold room lighting is affected by many factors, such as wattage, lumens rating, fixture style and material, and unique features. Consider these when creating an illumination plan for your space and consult a trusted manufacturer or seller for more information. With the right cold room lighting fixtures, you can provide the best environment for your storage needs while saving money.

If you’re looking for suppliers of cold room lighting fixtures, contact Ecoshift Corporation today. We carry a wide selection of cold room lights to meet your needs. We also offer free delivery all over Metro Manila. Call us now, and let’s talk about your lighting needs!


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