Top 5 Interior Design Styles Where You Can Feature Elegant Chandeliers With Fans

Top 5 Interior Design Styles Where You Can Feature Elegant Chandeliers With Fans

Top 5 Interior Design Styles Where You Can Feature Elegant Chandeliers With Fans


Designing your home’s interior can be both rewarding and frustrating, whether you’re renovating your old house or building your place for the first time. It’s always fulfilling to see the fruits of your labor, especially since all the stress you’ve endured at work to earn money is finally bearing tangible results. However, it’s tough to plan how you want your residence to look, and it’s understandable because you want it to perfectly reflect your tastes.

If you’re having a hard time, it’s a good idea to tackle each area of the house one after another. You might want to start with the living room because it’s typically the part of the residence that takes up the most space.

When designing this area, be sure to take into account proper illumination and ventilation. Fortunately, you can now purchase a single fixture that can brighten up the space as well as make it cool and comfy! All you have to do is check out our website at Ecoshift Corporation and choose among the chandeliers with fans we offer.

We have plenty of options for you. Don’t worry if you can’t decide which one to choose yet because we can help you with that. Read through the rest of the article to learn which chandelier with fan is suitable for you based on the interior design of your home.


Often regarded as “timeless” and classic, traditional home interiors feature consistency and harmony. They make use of large and antique-looking furniture pieces that complement each other well. This means your set of sofas, for example, should never clash with the other furnishings inside the living room, including the center table, TV stand, and even your bookshelf if you have one.

Your chandelier should match the other furniture, as well. If the fixtures in your living room are predominantly light-colored, your chandelier should be like that, as well. Some of our products here are Ecoshift would look perfect for traditional home interiors. Our ceiling fan with lights and carved leaf blades, for instance, would be an excellent addition to your living room if you want to create a vintage or rustic appeal.


Modern interior design was popularized in the 20th century. Minimalism is one of its hallmarks, so it often features large open areas and monochromatic color palettes. The furnishings in this style are often small and multi-functional, too, to help save space. In most cases, it uses natural light, so modern homes usually have large glass windows that let sunlight in.

Even though natural light is prominent among modern interior designs, it doesn’t mean you can’t install a chandelier in your living room. In fact, it’s a good idea to install one large fixture, like Ecoshift’s decorative chandelier, which also doubles as a centerpiece for the whole space. At night when there’s no sunlight, this fixture would no doubt be enough to illuminate the whole area, too.


Known to embrace the unconventional and unorthodox, bohemian interiors are defined by their “carefree” appearance. This style literally doesn’t care about traditional design rules because it was popularized by 19th century artists and thinkers – often called the OG bohemians – who refused to conform to the norm.

You have to summon your inner artist if you wish to create a bohemian-style living room. In other words, be as free as you want to be! Experiment with different colors, and try to mix and match them according to your preferences. It doesn’t matter if they don’t naturally match, as long as you like how they look.

You can also add as many pieces of furniture as you like (or as much as the space allows). The same goes for the chandelier you want to hang from the ceiling. You can choose any of our products that will suit your tastes and have them installed in your living room. Our ceiling fan with lights and multi-color fans is highly recommended because of its unique colors that make it eye-catching. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the price of this ceiling fan because we offer our products at reasonable prices!

Hollywood Glam

When you think of Hollywood, you instantly imagine celebrities in extravagant outfits as they walk down the red carpet. That kind of vibe is what the Hollywood glam interior design is trying to exude. This style uses glamorous furniture pieces, such as velvet-covered sofa sets, bold-looking carpets, and shiny tabletops.

Of course, this “over-the-top” appeal extends down from the floor up to the ceiling, so it’s not surprising for Hollywood Glam living rooms to feature a luxurious chandelier, as well. Ecoshift’s extravagant chandelier, for example, would surely be perfect!

Art Deco

In simple terms, art deco is a style that takes inspiration from the popular movement among wealthy Europeans and Americans in the 1920s and 1930s. It is defined by its elegance and boldness, which are also among the hallmarks of high art and fashion in that era.

Art deco interior designs today are characterized by unique geometric shapes that can be seen from the ceiling down to the floors. Zigzag lines and curvy patterns decorate furniture pieces, floor tiles, and walls. In some cases, there are also artworks, like paintings or sculptures, that are displayed somewhere in the area.

Lighting also plays an important role in art deco living rooms. Proper illumination is needed to highlight the designs in the whole space, and in most cases, the fixture itself is considered to be artwork. Ecoshift’s chandelier that sports straight lines and unique patterns would be ideal for you if art deco is the interior design of your choice.


No matter what interior design you want to use for your home, you can never go wrong with adding a chandelier with fan! It’s a versatile fixture that can help illuminate and ventilate the space.

In the Philippines, chandeliers with fans might come at a high price, but they’re surely worth the investment. If you haven’t decided yet if you want to get them or not, it might help if you speak with our experts here at Ecoshift Corporation. We can help shed light on things and assist you until you make a more informed decision. Contact us today!


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