LED Ring Lights in the Philippines: What Are They and Who Uses Them?

LED Ring Lights in the Philippines: What Are They and Who Uses Them?

LED Ring Lights in the Philippines: What Are They and Who Uses Them?


Shopping for lights used to be simple, but the introduction of modern fixtures has made the process a little more complicated. As a shopper, you must now know at least the basics of light types to make informed purchases.

One model you may have come across is the ring light, which is gaining popularity in the Philippines today. This lighting solution functions well in numerous settings, thanks to the variety of features it comes with.

Ecoshift Corporation, a leading supplier of LED ring lights in the Philippines, offers this comprehensive guide to teach you the basics of ring lights.

LED Ring Lights: An Overview

Ring lights are circular devices comprising several LEDs covered by a diffuser. These are often used to shed a soft glow on a close target, resulting in natural illumination.

Like other lighting solutions, ring lights in Manila offer a wide range of brightness measured in luminosity. The higher the lumens rating of a model, the brighter its beam will be.

In addition, some options can come with dimmable or color-changing lights. There are also ring lights for sale with unique features, such as adjustable tripod stands, which allow users to customize their lighting to better suit their needs.

LED ring lights have risen in popularity in the age of social media. While they aren’t visible in most posts, these lighting devices are commonly used by influencers to create unique lighting effects and make their images and videos stand out.

Benefits of Using a Ring Light

Selfie ring lights are popular for a reason: they offer many benefits. For one, they’re some of the most cost-effective lighting solutions on the market, with ring light prices in the Philippines being affordable for most budgets. Even low-cost options can provide you with enough light to be productive.

Moreover, ring lights come in various forms, with the differences most notable in the lighting quality. The brightness and color temperature of LED ring lights can be adjusted to your exact needs, resulting in the perfect lighting for whatever activity you’re engaged in. You can find models with dimmable lights while others change from cool to warm lighting.

Portability is another benefit you can enjoy if you purchase LED ring lights in the Philippines. These lighting devices are often lightweight and easy to carry, so you can bring them with you whenever you need better illumination. Many of them also come with adjustable stands, making it easier to focus the beam exactly where you need it.

In addition, ring lights are versatile and offer high functionality. Ring lights with stands can be applied in numerous settings, such as product photography and content creation. Moreover, the even light distribution they provide eliminates shadows, illuminates your face correctly, and lessens the strain on your eyes while working.

Common Applications of Ring Lights

Ring lights in Manila are highly coveted for their flexibility. These devices aren’t restricted to one function, so you can easily save on the cost of buying multiple lighting solutions.

For instance, ring lights with stands are typically used when taking pictures, particularly in portraiture and macro photography. The soft glow that LED ring lights emit allows photographers to capture the subject’s natural skin tones and features. Plus, they don’t wash out people, unlike harsh, inconsistent lighting.

Ring lights with stands are also excellent equipment for macro photography since they provide ample direct lighting that eliminates shadows around a subject. Photographers can then capture the item in full detail.

In recent years, vloggers, influencers, and even common people have widely used ring lights. The flattering light makes for excellent selfies, and their ability to spread light evenly over the face gives you well-lit photos every time.

With a tripod stand, ring lights can also help create the perfect setting for video blogs, live streams, and online conferences. You won’t need to worry about your background being too dark or not appropriately lit. These lighting solutions will boost visibility and make you look sharp in any video.

Now, you should note that LED ring lights in the Philippines aren’t limited to photography and content creation. You can also use it as task lighting.

Suppose you don’t have the space for a vanity with a mirror and lights. In that case, you can use a ring light with an adjustable stand to illuminate your face, making it easier to apply makeup or shave. It’s also great for detailing and repairing items such as jewelry and electronics, providing you with even lighting that helps you see small details up close.

How To Use a Ring Light

Modern ring lights for sale are relatively easy to use since they don’t need the hand of lighting experts for installation. With a few steps, you can set up your ring light and have it running in minutes.

First, read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Doing so will ensure you don’t miss out on some crucial steps. Next, assemble the parts of your ring light using screws provided by the manufacturer. Adjust the height’s stand according to your needs before plugging it into a power outlet.

If you bought a model that doesn’t rely on electricity, you might need to charge its battery first. Once you have plugged it in, turn the ring light on and adjust its brightness and color temperature as necessary.

Finally, ensure that the ring light directly points toward your face or chosen subject. Proper positioning is essential to get the best out of your ring light, so remember this step!

The Cost of Ring Lights in the Philippines

The price of ring lights in the Philippines depends on several factors, including the brand, wattage, luminosity, and additional features.

Let’s say there are two models available in a shop catalog. One has an adjustable tripod stand, dimmable LEDs, and a removable battery. At the same time, the other option is a basic ring light with an on/off switch. It’s obvious that the first model will cost more than the latter since it has more features and capabilities.

Overall, you can buy a decent LED ring light in the Philippines at a reasonable price. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be pleased to know that many low-cost models are available that don’t compromise quality or performance. Some even go below the 1000-peso mark.

If you want a product that lasts, though, you should purchase from reliable ring light suppliers in Manila since they can provide quality lights that last.

Finding the Best Ring Lights for Sale

Shopping for LED ring lights in the Philippines is simple, given that a quick search online will yield numerous listings for ring lights for sale. However, not all of these devices are built equally, so it’s best to research suppliers in the area.

The first thing to consider is the brand. It’s always a good idea to go for well-known manufacturers as they usually provide reliable and high-quality products.

You should also check out reviews from past customers before making a purchase. This will give you an idea of what to expect in terms of performance, durability, and customer service. Doing so can save you time and money, allowing you to avoid models with poor ratings.

If you want to purchase dimmable ring lights at affordable prices in the Philippines, check out Ecoshift Corporation. Our reliable, efficient, and stylish products are perfect for any application. Contact us today to find out more about our ring lights for sale!

FAQs About LED Ring Lights in the Philippines

How Many Lumens Do You Need for a Ring Light?

Ring lights with stands come with varying lumens ratings, with some having higher numbers than others. Before purchasing, you should determine how you plan to use a ring light since that will affect the brightness you need.

If you aren’t pursuing professional photography, a rating of up to 800 lumens should be enough for your requirements. However, if you plan to take studio-quality photos and videos, you should opt for models with 1,200 lumens or higher.

Do Ring Lights Use a Lot of Electricity?

Once again, it depends on the model. LED ring lights in the Philippines use around 5W to 75W if they have power adapters. However, if the device you want is battery reliant or USB-powered, you can expect them to require less power, usually below 10W.

Another thing to note is that lights with high lumen ratings require more power to operate, so larger models are expected to use a lot of electricity compared to smaller ones.

What Is the Difference Between a Ring Flash and a Ring Light?

Ring flashes look similar to ring lights, but these two are not the same. For one, ring lights for sale are standalone devices that can be used for various applications. On the other hand, ring flashes are used in professional photography, providing a concentrated light source attached to the camera. Unlike ring lights with stands, ring flashes operate with a battery for easy handling.


Ring lights are versatile devices that you can use in various ways. No matter your needs, you can surely find excellent ring lights in the Philippines at reasonable prices.

For long-lasting ring lights in Manila, you can count on Ecoshift Corporation. Our catalog features a wide selection of LED ring lights, all made with quality and efficiency in mind. Contact us today to get started!


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