Not Sure Whether Outdoor Ceiling Fans Actually Work? Learn How They Can Keep You Cool

Not Sure Whether Outdoor Ceiling Fans Actually Work? Learn How They Can Keep You Cool

Not Sure Whether Outdoor Ceiling Fans Actually Work? Learn How They Can Keep You Cool


Proper ventilation is needed in every household to ensure the health and comfort of both residents and guests. This is the reason homeowners must carefully decide if they want to use high-end air conditioners, stick to more affordable electric fans, or install both. There’s no right or wrong choice as long as the whole residence is kept cool and comfortable.

Among the most popular choices for ventilation systems are ceiling fans. They come in a wide range of designs: there are minimalist ones for those who are trying to have a modern appeal in their home, and there are antique-looking options for people who want to create a rustic or vintage vibe. Some options even have lights, so they can serve as a centerpiece in the living room, just like a large chandelier would do.

At Ecoshift Corporation, we offer outdoor ceiling fans that you can install outdoors. These items would look excellent in your patio, front porch, or any other exterior part of your house with a roof! Read through the rest of this article to learn how they work.

Fans Attract Warm Air Upwards

The way outdoor ceiling fans work is just the same as their indoor counterparts. Both of them are made of the same components, which include an electric motor and capacitor encased in a single housing and three (or more) fan blades. Modern ceiling fans use single-phase induction motors that don’t consume too much electric power, making the device energy-friendly. This motor makes the fan blades rotate in a counter-clockwise direction.

In most cases, the fan blades are made of plastic, iron, or wood. They aren’t parallel to the ground because they are angled in such a way that their counter-clockwise rotation can push air downwards and ventilate the whole area, no matter if it’s indoors or outdoors.

Ceiling fans make use of the physical property of air to rise when it’s warm and go down when it’s cold. When the fan blades rotate, they will “attract” the warm air upward and push the cold air downwards. In colder regions (such as countries with winter seasons), ceiling fans have an option to rotate in a clockwise direction, which helps warm air circulate better.

Evaporation of Sweat on the Body Speeds Up

Contrary to what you might think, ceiling fans – whether it’s installed outdoors or indoors – do not necessarily make the area colder. What they do is simply help cold air circulate in a specific space, thereby speeding up the evaporation of sweat in our body and making us feel “cooler.”

The same goes for other electric-powered fans, such as desk fans, wall fans, and stand fans. They do not make the room colder and instead just aid in circulating cooler breeze and helping sweat evaporate faster. If you want something that can really get rid of the warmth in an area and make it colder, it’s best to just install an air conditioning unit.

However, even though ceiling fans cannot make the whole area colder, they are still an excellent option for ventilation systems. They offer quite a lot of advantages, since they are incredibly affordable, low-maintenance, and easy to install. There are even wet-rated outdoor ceiling fans that are weather-resistant, meaning they can withstand getting exposed to moisture, like rainwater.

There are also outdoor ceiling fans that have built-in lights, so you don’t have to buy separate lighting fixtures if you install them on your patio or front porch. You can purchase them here at Ecoshift Corporation, so be sure to check out our catalog of products to see if any of the items we sell will pique your interest.

Buying an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Here at Ecoshift, we offer many options for outdoor ceiling fans. Don’t worry if you’re having a hard time deciding which one to choose because we can help. These are a few things you might want to consider for your purchase:

  • Size – As we’ve mentioned before, outdoor ceiling fans come in different sizes. Smaller ones are better for tighter spaces, like your garage or sunroom. Large outdoor ceiling fans, meanwhile, are better for more spacious locations, such as verandas, porches, patios, and lanais.
  • Style or Design – Thankfully, for outdoor ceiling fans with lights, there are many styles to choose from. If you wish to maintain a rustic vibe, choose an antique-looking product that has a wooden finish or is predominantly brown. However, simpler designs are better if you wish to create a modern appeal.
  • Material – Outdoor ceiling fans can be made of different materials, but plastic might be among the most popular options primarily because they’re lightweight and waterproof. There are also items made of wood or metal, but they might require a lot of maintenance in the future.
  • Price – Another thing you must consider when buying an outdoor ceiling fan with lights is its overall price. Fortunately, we offer budget-friendly options here at Ecoshift, so you don’t have to worry about shelling out large amounts of funds if you wish to purchase a specific model.
  • Location – The location where you wish to put your ceiling fan matters, as well. Be sure that the beams of the ceiling can withstand the item’s weight to prevent it from falling and causing accidents. It’s a good idea to seek professional help when you’re in doubt.


Outdoor ceiling fans with lights are a great addition to your home’s exterior. They can be installed in different areas, such as front porches, verandas, and patios. These items come in different designs, and it’s up to you to choose which one you think is best for your residence.

Here at Ecoshift, we offer different outdoor ceiling fans with lights, so be sure to check out our website to choose the right one for you. If you have any questions, feel free to call us or send us a message today!


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