The Smart Shopper’s Guide to Finding the Right LED Downlights

The Smart Shopper’s Guide to Finding the Right LED Downlights

The Smart Shopper’s Guide to Finding the Right LED Downlights


LED downlights are highly sought-after lighting solutions for residential and commercial spaces. That is understandable, given that these fixtures are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors to suit any need. They also use less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, making them environmentally friendly.

Another interesting fact about LED downlights is that they are readily available, with so many options on the market. That’s both a good thing and a bad thing. Having too many choices can be overwhelming, but it also means there is a wide variety of downlight fixtures perfect for any application.

What Are the Different Downlight Fixtures Available on the Market?

Before purchasing anything, you need to know the variety you will encounter in hardware and lighting stores. LED downlights come in different forms, each with unique features and benefits. Here are five styles you may find while shopping:

Fixed Downlight

Fixed downlight fixtures are some of the most common types sold. As the name suggests, these lighting solutions are fixed in place, with their beam angled downward.

These lighting solutions have simple designs, with the trim and downlight bulb being the only parts you can modify. The trim is the decorative metal piece surrounding the LED, which you can swap out to change the fixture’s look. The downlight bulb is also replaceable, giving you some flexibility for the light output and color temperature.

Square Downlight

If you’re looking for geometrical fixtures, then square downlights may be more suited for your property than the standard round option.

Square downlights operate the same way as their round counterparts. The main difference is their shape, which can offer a more modern look for certain types of properties.

In addition, you can find subcategories under square downlights, giving you more choices to customize your lighting design. You can find fixed, adjustable, and even outdoor square downlights if you shop in the right store.

Multi-Light Downlight

When working with downlight fixtures, you typically need to install multiple pieces in one space to have ample lighting. However, you can work around this method by purchasing multi-light LED downlights.

Multi-light downlights come in twin, triple, and quad variations. These lighting solutions have multiple downlight bulbs in one housing, allowing you to direct more light into a space with fewer fixtures. Installing multi-light downlights is an excellent way to illuminate a room without overcrowding your ceiling.

Surface-Mounted Downlight

LED downlights are usually recessed, meaning you must cut a ceiling hole for proper installation. If this is not an option, then go for surface-mounted downlights instead.

Surface-mounted LED downlights are easier to install since you only need to screw them onto a surface. No messy cutting or drilling is required. These fixtures are also more versatile since you can customize the housing to fit your home’s aesthetic.

Adjustable Downlight

Downlight fixtures are usually installed in one spot with their beam focused downward. They don’t have the best fluidity, which is why some opt for track lighting if they want the option to direct the light.

With adjustable LED downlights, you can swivel the fixture to point the light in specific areas of the room. This type of lighting is a fantastic solution for those who want control over their lighting design but don’t want a track system on their ceiling.

Additionally, adjustable downlight fixtures come in different shapes. You can find round and square varieties on the market, giving you even more design choices.

Factors To Consider When Shopping for LED Downlights in the Philippines

Knowing the many types of LED downlights available on the market isn’t enough. You must also take into account the specific needs of your space and home to find the perfect lighting solution. Here are five factors you need to consider before finalizing a purchase:

Type and Height of Ceiling

The ceiling is your installation area, making it a significant factor affecting the kind of lighting you can use in a room.

As you know, LED recessed downlights require a hole cut into the ceiling for proper installation. If your property has concrete ceilings, you need to opt for surface-mounted downlights or other fixtures, especially if you want to install the lights yourself.

The height of your ceiling also matters since it can affect the light output and beam angle of LED downlights. The taller the room, the more light you need to illuminate it properly.

Size of Room

The room you’re working with also dictates how much light you need to occupy a space comfortably. First and foremost, consider its size, then the existing fixtures and natural light sources. These elements will give you a better idea of how much light you need to add.

For example, a small office with a window bay will not require as many downlights as a large living room with few windows.

You may also want to consider the activities you do in a room since they influence your light requirements. If you need focused light for tasks like cooking or working, you should opt for LED downlights with a narrow beam angle.

Conservation of Energy

LED downlights are energy-efficient, but some models are more power-saving than others. To help you conserve energy, consider LED downlights with high lumens per watt (LPW) and a low wattage rating.

Lumens indicate how much light a bulb emits, while watts show how much power it uses. A downlight bulb with a higher LPW means it’s more efficient in light output per wattage.

If you’re unsure what kind of downlight bulb to purchase, don’t hesitate to consult a lighting expert. They can help you select a power-saving LED downlight that doesn’t sacrifice light quality.

Color Temperature of Light Bulb

You already know you can customize the trim and housing of downlights, but it doesn’t stop there. It’s also possible to choose the color temperature of the downlight bulb to create an ambiance unique to a room.

LED downlights come in three color temperatures: warm white, cool white, and daylight. If you want a relaxing and inviting space, go for warm white LED downlights. These bulbs emit a yellow-tinted light perfect for living rooms and bedrooms.

For kitchens and other work areas, opt for cool white or daylight LED downlights. These colors are known to boost concentration and productivity. If you can’t decide which color temperature is right for you, try out different types in your space to see what works best.

Type of Downlight Fixtures

LED downlights are highly versatile, allowing shoppers to select a variation that best suits their needs. These fixtures come in different shapes, styles, colors, and materials, so you can be sure you won’t run out of options for your lighting project.

Once you have considered the previous factors, you can move on to choosing the downlight fixtures that will work for your space. If you’re unsure about a particular model, don’t hesitate to ask for help from an expert. You can find the perfect LED downlights for your home with their guidance.

Shop for Quality Downlight Fixtures at Ecoshift Corporation

When shopping for LED downlights, you need to work with trusted suppliers that can ensure quality in the long run. Ecoshift Corporation is one of the most reliable LED downlight suppliers in the Philippines, offering a wide range of options for every budget and need.

We offer surface-mounted, recessed, and multi-light LED downlights for residential and commercial spaces. You can also find other lighting solutions in our catalog, such as pendant lights, wall lamps, and track lights.


Downlight fixtures are fantastic lighting solutions that offer energy efficiency, flexibility, and style all in one. They can illuminate a space on their own or serve as accent lights to highlight specific areas.

When shopping for LED downlights, remember to consider the size of the room, existing light sources, and activities you do in a space. These factors will help you determine how many downlights you need and what kind of bulbs to use.

It would also be best if you took the time to find trustworthy suppliers like Ecoshift Corporation. With our assistance, you can find LED downlights that perfectly suit your needs and budget. Contact us today!


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