5 Best Tips for Installing LED Strip Lights Outdoors

5 Best Tips for Installing LED Strip Lights Outdoors


5 Best Tips for Installing LED Strip Lights Outdoors


Are you looking for an easy, cost-effective way to spruce your outdoor space? LED strip lights are the perfect solution. These fixtures can create captivating effects, from subtle accents to bold statements. More importantly, they offer your property an additional layer of safety and security.

However, installing LED strip lights outdoors can be trickier than installing them indoors. Besides getting the right LED power supply 12v, you must consider several factors to achieve the results you are aiming for.

This is where Ecoshift Corporation comes in. Our team of experts will listen to your needs, assess your space, and help you set up your LED outdoor lighting system. To get started, here are the top five tips to follow.


Tip #1: Make Sure That Your Fixtures Have the Right IP Rating

Before buying LED strip lights, it is best to get the fundamental things in order to avoid unnecessary headaches and extra trips to the store. You must first look for the Ingress Protection (IP) rating. The IP rating specifies your lighting fixture’s resistance against water, dust, and other environmental elements.

The first digit indicates your LED’s protection against solid objects and follows a scale from 0 (no protection) to 6 (full protection against dust infiltration). On the other hand, the second number defines the fixture’s resistance against liquid. It is graded from 0 (no protection) to 0 (complete protection against high-pressure and temperature water from various directions).

IP65 rating is ideal if you are looking for water-resistant LED lights for general use. Meanwhile, if you need waterproof LED lights that can withstand complete submersion in water, then IP68 is more suitable.


Tip #2: Check if Your LED Drivers Are Also Waterproof

You should also get a waterproof LED power supply like your lighting fixtures. This device regulates the voltage and current that powers your lights, so choose one that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

At Ecoshift, we recommend looking for an LED strip light transformer with a minimum IP65 rating to ensure protection against dust and water splashes. Furthermore, we suggest looking into safety standards:

  • UL Class 2 – It mandates that the output voltage must not pose a fire or electrical shock, making secondary circuit protection unnecessary.
  • UL Class 1 – It specifies high-voltage output; thus, it can support more LEDs. It is more efficient; however, it requires safety protection.


Tip #3: Create a Functional Lighting Plan With the Help of Experts

How do you picture your LED outdoor lighting system? You may want to illuminate pathways, add some colors, and achieve a cozy and inviting ambiance. Or, you could create focal points and highlight architectural features on your home or building.

Once you have a vision, have a professional take care of the technical matters. They will work closely with you to tailor your property’s design and layout. Moreover, they will explain your options and ensure your lighting system is up-to-date. They will guide you on the following:

  • Lighting Methods – Experts will help you choose the appropriate lighting approach for every area of your outdoor space. They will consider the functionality, the mood you want to establish, and the aesthetic features of your property.
  • Type of LED Strip Lights – They will recommend the best LEDs for your space based on brightness level, color temperature, and beam angle. Furthermore, they will advise on mounting techniques to avoid problems down the road.
  • Power Supply – Apart from the specifications, the pros will determine the proper placement for your LED power supply 12v, ensuring your lighting system is safe and efficient.
  • Additional Fixtures and Accessories – Some lighting effects need add-ons, such as spotlights, lenses, diffusers, and the like, for impeccable results.


Tip #4: Hire Someone To Do the Installation for You

Even if you have a premium-quality rainproof LED power supply and strip lights, they will only work as expected with proper installation. This task requires the right skills, tools, and knowledge to do it right the first time. Remember that even minor mistakes can have costly consequences. For instance, the lights could prematurely fail due to overloading, or the wires could be frayed, leading to fire risks.

That said, hiring a seasoned technician for the job is best. Professionals understand that outdoor lighting is exposed to the elements. They will lay the wiring correctly to avoid tripping and other safety hazards. Additionally, they can examine your existing lighting system and replace old and malfunctioning outlets and wires.


Tip #5: Buy High-Quality LED Strip Lights and Drivers From Trusted Stores

Never, ever skimp on quality. Substandard products can be dangerous and likely last only a short time. That said, purchasing top-notch LED power supply 12v and strip lights from reputable stores is crucial.

When looking for a lighting company, ensure they have a proven record of success. Check for reviews and ask for references to see other customers’ experiences.

Beyond success stories, a reliable store offers products that have undergone stringent quality standards and are backed by solid warranties. On top of that, they will personalize lighting solutions for your needs and assist you with potential cost savings. That way, you can get the most out of your investment.

At Ecoshift, we meet all these qualities and take the extra mile to ensure you are completely satisfied with our products and services. Moreover, you can count on our team to be with you at every step, from planning to installation and ongoing support. And did we mention free delivery in selected areas? So, what are you waiting for – experience the Ecoshift difference today!



At the end of the day, the keys to a successful LED lighting project are planning carefully, taking the necessary precautions, and working with trusted suppliers and professionals. At Ecoshift, we have you covered. Let us help you transform your outdoor space with beautiful, durable LED strip lights that last years.

Contact us today to benefit from our cost-effective and reliable services!



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