LED Rope Lights: Versatility and Reliability Combined In One Product

LED Rope Lights: Versatility and Reliability Combined In One Product

LED Rope Lights: Versatility and Reliability Combined In One Product


LED lighting is the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way to brighten spaces. It leverages the best parts of conventional light bulbs while leaving their drawbacks behind. But since it comes in a wide range of choices, picking the perfect one for your needs can be overwhelming.

If you want to add a vibrant and eye-catching touch to your space, consider premium-quality LED rope lights in the Philippines from Ecoshift Corporation. These fixtures provide unparalleled durability, flexibility, and energy efficiency, making them the ideal choice for various lighting applications. Reach out to us today to learn more about your options!


Learn About LED Rope Lights

LED rope lights in the Philippines are long cylindrical tubes that usually come in ½’’ or  ⅜’’ in diameter and contain small bulbs. These bulbs have 360-degree beam angles and are spaced every few inches to create a sparkling effect. The tube is usually made of epoxy, plastic, or other clear materials that allow the light to permeate through. Rope lights have several cut points and use mounting clips for installation.

You might wonder how you can get the most out of rope lights. Well, they work best for accent lighting and decorative applications. Imagine turning your backyard into a dreamy wonderland at night, with glimmering lights highlighting your landscaping’s beauty while creating a stunning reflection on your pond or fountain. Or, you can use them to outline your building and make it stand out.

Besides that, you can use a rope light ceiling to achieve a warm, inviting ambiance inside your home or establishment. This lighting can also play up your walkways and balconies. The best part? Wrap them around poles, trees, and holiday decorations, and see the magic unfold!


Types of LED Rope Lights Available

Of course, not all indoor and outdoor LED rope lights are the same. You need to consider their specifications to avoid unwanted problems down the road. The different types of LED rope lights are:


LED Rope Light 100 Meters Daylight

Daylight LED rope lights work best if you aim for a sleek and modern look for your property. They emit white light with a bluish tint, which can provide an energy boost. This makes daylight LED rope lights suitable for places that demand productivity, like the kitchen, garage, or office.


LED Rope Light 100 Meters Warm White

For a cozy and inviting ambiance, opt for daylight LED rope lights. These fixtures provide a bright but gentle glow that is not too harsh on the eyes. They are best suited for areas where you want to unwind or spend quality time with your loved ones, such as the bedroom or patio.


The Benefits of Using Rope Lights

LED rope lights in the Philippines offer many advantages that traditional lighting solutions can’t match. That includes:


Incandescent lights are made of fragile parts, such as glass and tungsten filaments. These components can easily break by minor bumps or shocks. On the other hand, LEDs are highly durable due to their solid-state design that lacks fragile features. Moreover, they are housed in heavy-duty epoxy plastic, allowing them to withstand damage from shock or vibration. They can last for many years, even in harsh conditions.


Safety and Low Heat Output

An LED operates only 1 degree above the surrounding temperature on average, making it suitable in various locations. Meanwhile, an incandescent light bulb can reach temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. The heat produced by incandescent bulbs poses a fire hazard, restricting use in certain areas.


Long Service Life

LED rope lights have an exceptionally long lifespan of 50,000 hours or more. Even if you leave these fixtures open all day or night, they can still last for over 15 years with little maintenance.



LED rope lights are 80% more energy-efficient than traditional lighting. LEDs convert 95% of energy into light, while only 5% is lost as heat. This contrasts fluorescent lights, which convert over 90% of energy into heat, leaving only a few for light.


Environmentally Friendly

When you opt for LED rope lights in the Philippines, know that you are contributing toward a better environment. Unlike incandescent and fluorescent lights that contain lead or mercury, LEDs are recyclable and do not use harmful elements. On top of that,      they use significantly less power than other lighting options, making them sustainable and eco-friendly.


Rope Light Prices in the Philippines

When buying LEDs for your needs, you should not just pay attention to the rope light prices in the Philippines. Many factors affect their overall cost, including:

  • Length – The longer the rope light, the more expensive it will be. Measure the area size you want to cover with rope lights before purchasing.
  • Voltage – 120v rope lights are typically cheaper than 12v rope lights because they do not need a transformer.
  • Color – LED rope lights usually come in basic colors like daylight and warm white.  RGB or neon rope lights in the Philippines offer a more dynamic lighting experience, thus making them a bit expensive.
  • IP Ratings – LEDs with higher IP ratings are more expensive but perform better in harsh weather conditions. IP 65 rating is recommended if you are using your rope lights outdoors.


Ecoshift Corporation: A Reliable Rope Light Supplier in the Philippines

Let Ecoshift help you spruce up your space with top-of-the-line lighting solutions. As the premier rope light supplier in the Philippines, we can recommend the best product for your needs at a competitive price.

Our team will ask about your vision during the consultation. From there, we will plan the technical matters to turn your ideas into reality. We may also provide design inspirations and pair your rope lights with other LED fixtures for the best results.

At Ecoshift, we stand behind the quality of our LED rope lights. These fixtures are made of top-grade materials, ensuring they withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. We back our products with, giving you peace of mind and ensuring you make a sound investment.

When you turn to Ecoshift, you can enjoy a smooth and hassle-free process, from inquiries and sales to delivery and installation. Let us help you realize your lighting project from start to finish and beyond!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do LED Rope Lights Use a Lot of Electricity?

Not really! An average rope light only uses around 1 watt per foot, which will only affect your electricity bills a little. On the other hand, incandescent rope lights consume 3 watts per foot.


Can You Leave Rope Lights On All Night?

Definitely. After all, LED rope lights last a long time, consume less energy, and regulate their heat. These features make them ideal for accentuating your home or establishment’s furniture and design elements.


Which Is Better, Strip Lights or Rope Lights? 

Although LED strip and rope lights look similar, they have distinct features, from flexibility to brightness. Furthermore, these lights have specific applications.

When it comes to flexibility, LED strip light wins. You can bend these fixtures to 90 degrees, making them easy to set up at corners. Although rope lights are flexible, too, you can’t curve them to greater angles. They are better suited for wrapping around poles.

It is also important to note that rope lights are less bright than strip lights. The tube turns yellow over time, diminishing its brightness. Thus, rope lights work best for decorative purposes instead of as a main light source.

Overall, neon rope lights in the Philippines are an economical choice if you want to beautify your space. These fixtures cost less, as they have more straightforward features and configurations.



Nothing comes close to the versatility and reliability that LED rope lights offers. These fixtures provide endless possibilities for creative lighting designs. Whether you want to revamp your home’s ambiance or make your establishment a head-turner, rope lights can do them.

For all your LED lighting needs, look no further than Ecoshift. We strive to offer the most advanced products in the market. We have been the go-to lighting provider for many businesses and individuals for several years. We ensure to provide access to the best lighting solutions in one place.

Don’t hesitate to send us a message if you have questions about our products and services. We look forward to hearing from you!



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